Kolor 360 Video Stitching Training

Certification means quality

All our trainers have followed a comprehensive training from the Kolor Team and have passed their certification tests. You can trust our 360 video trainers to give you quality training in how to create 360 video. You will learn the full workflow form shooting to final render.

Learn the basics of 360 video

Our certified Kolor trainers will teach you the basics of panoramic video and how it is created. We will provide you with training in Autopano Video to stitch, edit and render spherical video, so you can master all the tools necessary to effectively create 360 video and VR content.

Acquire the right knowledge from the right experts

Your Kolor certified trainer will teach you all the essentials you need to get started on creating successful panoramic 360-degree videos and VR experiences. Starting with how to set up your camera, what to consider during shooting, how to import and synchronize your videos, how to use Autopano Giga (APG) for editing, how to stabilize motion and straighten the horizon with Autopano Video Pro (AVP), how to render and export the stitched video and more. From easy to complicated cases our team of trainers is able to cater to your needs.

We can offer you one-on-one training or training in a small group (two to four people).

If you are interested in getting trained by a Kolor certified trainer in New York City for 360 video stitching & editing, check our availability in the calendar below and sign-up by clicking on the selected date.

More dates will be added soon.


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