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Urban Tour

Experience a quick Segway tour through downtown Zaragoza, Spain. Ignacio Ferrando Margeli, on one of the Segways, takes us over the river Ebro via the Puenta del Pilar… twice, just for fun! Then following the the bike path along the river Ebro for a bit the tour leads to the Plaza Nuestra Senora del Pilar to the Plaza la Seo where it finishes in front of La Seo Cathedral (Catedral del Salvador).
With this video Ignacio was exploring new ways to improve the 360 video experience.
The 360Rig is mounted on Ignacio’s Segway. The combination of the Segway with the 360rig delivers an exceptionally smooth video. A very nice demonstration of the capabilities of spherical video in regard to virtual city tours.



Mountain Rescue

This simulation of a mountain rescue in the Sierra de Guara, Huesca, Spain, was shot in Spring 2012 by Ignacio Ferrando Margeli. He used the 360Rig v4 with Gopro Hero2 cameras. The challenge was to find the right view point to highlight a mountain rescue by helicopter. The 360Rig was attached to a carbon fiber pole placed on the floor of the helicopter and extending outside. There were some issues with synchronization and rolling shutter. Stitching of the individual video streams was done in PTGui. The result is a very interesting example for practical use of 360 video in this case a training tool.


Bike ride

One of the earliest tests with the 360Rig v2 was shot in Winter 2012. This mountain bike ride was recorded in the outskirts of Zaragoza, Spain. If you look closely you can see the shadow of the rig on the ground.
Ignacio Ferrando Margeli was playing with the viewpoint to change the feeling of the 360 video. The camera is attached to a pole and the pole is attached to his shoulder. You can see his hands are controlling the bike. As one of the early tests there were still some stitching errors. However even this early version showed pretty promising results.


Skiing in the Pyrenees

The first fully spherical video shot with the very first version of the 360 Rig!

This 360 video was shot in the Pyrenees, in Winter 2012. What a spectacular descent! Ignacio Ferrando Margeli and his friend had great fun doing it!

As this was the first version of the rig, it only had 5 GoPro 960 cameras. The stitching was done with PTGUI. The rig was placed on top of a ski pole and Ignacio and his friend tried to show the fun of 360 video for this kind of activities. You can look forward or backward and there is action in all directions.