5X Adaptor



Convert your Freedom360 rig from the 'cube on the corner' configuration to a more traditional '4-around, 1-up' configuration.

Product Description

Convert your Freedom360 rig from the ‘cube on the corner’ configuration to a more traditional ‘4-around, 1-up’ configuration. Great for situations where shooting without a ‘nadir hole’ is not an issue, and a vertical field of view of 135 deg (instead of 180 deg) is sufficient, or the rig is placed extremely close to the ground (or any other surface). Also very useful for filming for full dome movies.

To use it, remove one of the cameras from any of the six slots, insert the 5X Adaptor into the slot (it has a very tight fit), and secure it with the camera brace and 2 screws. The Freedom360 mount now fits perfectly and very securely onto any tripod with 3/8 connector.

The 5X adaptor is made out of the same super strong Polyamide (Nylon) as the Freedom360 mount.

Items included:

  • 5X Adaptor with 3/8-16 female (standard tripod) connector

Cameras and Freedom360 mount are not included.

For use with the Freedom360 Mount only. The F360 Explorer has the 5x conversion built in.



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