Small Tri-base with Knuckle Kit



WHAT IT’S FOR: Mounting a small camera on a smooth, flat surface – suction cups fasten securely on surface like a car hood or boat hull.

WORKS WITH: Any camera with a GoPro style adapter and action cameras with a 1⁄4” tripod mount such as cameras by Sony, Ion, Drift, JVC and many more.

Product Description

The Small Tri-base with Knuckle Kit is for the Point-Of-View camera users who need a highly adjustable, yet extremely secure mounting solution on a planar surface. Ideal for mounting your camera on cars, boats and other vehicles.

The Tri-base has a single ½” 20 hole and three 3/8” 16 thread holes, allowing greater versatility for extensions and mounting setups. This flexibility combines with the swivel and bend capabilities of the independent knuckle joints to offer a massive range of motion and unparalleled precision when positioning your camera on a vehicle.

Supplied are small screws for sleek installations and hex head hardware for quick installation and removal. Wrenches are included for both hardware sets.


  • Tri-base with suction cups
  • Short hex adapter
  • Knuckle kit
  • GoPro style adapter
  • 1/4″ camera adapter
  • Tools and screws


  • Black anodized finish, with stainless steel components.
  • 360 degree swivel ‘knuckle’ joint.
  • Manufactured in the USA.


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