Tri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2
Tri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2 with F360Tri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2 with F360 and short poleTribase Suction Cup MountTri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2 direct pole mountTri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2 for alternative useTri-Base Suction Cup Mount V2 for alternative usetribase_shortpole_IMG_0929tribase_shortpole_IMG_0932

Tri-base Suction Cup Mount


You may also need…

    Short Extension Pole - $49.95
    Manfrotto 259 B short extension pole
    Manfrotto 209 mini tripod plus extensionManfrotto 209 mini tripod plus extension (with Freedom360)5X adaptor with F360 on a Manfrotto 209 with extensionManfrotto 259 B short extension pole

    Short Extension Pole




    The Manfrotto 259 B is a short and light-weight extension pole, 15-24cm, mostly used with the Manfrotto 209 mini tripod. It is made from aluminium and features a 3/8 connectors.

     Item included:

    • Manfrotto 259 B extension
    • Weight: 90gr
    • Collapsed: 15.5cm
    • Extended: 24cm

    F360, cameras, tripod or counterweights not included

    5X Adaptor - $49.95
    5X Adaptor
    5X Adaptor (with Freedom360 mount)5X Adaptor (tall)

    5X Adaptor




    Convert your Freedom360 rig from the ‘cube on the corner’ configuration to a more traditional ‘4-around, 1-up’ configuration. Great for situations where shooting without a ‘nadir hole’ is not an issue, and a vertical field of view of 135 deg (instead of 180 deg) is sufficient, or the rig is placed extremely close to the ground (or any other surface). Also very useful for filming for full dome movies.

    To use it, remove one of the cameras from any of the six slots, insert the 5X Adaptor into the slot (it has a very tight fit), and secure it with the camera brace and 2 screws. The Freedom360 mount now fits perfectly and very securely onto any tripod with 3/8 connector.

    The 5X adaptor is made out of the same super strong Polyamide (Nylon) as the Freedom360 mount.

    Items included:

    • 5X Adaptor with 3/8-16 female (standard tripod) connector

    Cameras and Freedom360 mount are not included.

    For use with the Freedom360 Mount only. The F360 Explorer has the 5x conversion built in.


    Super Clamp - $44.95
    Super Clamp with stud
    Super Clamp attached to a monopodSuper Clamp attached to a monopod360Rig mounted to an ATV with 4 super clamps

    Super Clamp




    The Super Clamp is modified for rigging the Freedom360 in conjunction with a pole, allowing you to find new and creative methods, such has hanging the rig from the ceiling. Or connect 2 Super Clamps to form a double clamp, 4 clamps will hold a pole solid horizontally.


    Items included:

    • Super Clamp (modified with additional 3/8 mounting threads)
    • Stud (3/8 male/female and 1/4 male)
    • Flat surface wedge
    • Ratchet handle


    Legal disclaimer: As with all rigging equipment, use common sense and good safety practices. Never exceed the reasonable payload, always use more rigging than you think should do. We are in no way responsible for any failures of the super clamp, use at your own risk.

Product Description

New and updated tri-base suction cup mount: this new model has a larger ball head and easier handling, allowing for more holding force.


The tri-base suction cup is a mounting option to smooth surfaces, such as windows, cars and similar. The triple suction cups offer a level of redundancy over single cup mounts, allowing less of a chance of ‘accidental’ peel-offs. The ball head is removable and you can connect other equipment straight to the base plate via 3/8 tapped holes. 2 (two) tri-base suction cups with super clamps will hold a mono pod securely in place (2-point mount). Use common sense when using suction cups in general, and always use safety cables when the situation warrants it.

 Item included:

  • Tri-base suction cup
  • 6.35mm thick black-anodized  aluminium base
  • 38mm Delrin ball head with 3/8-16 connector
  • Weight: 515gr
  • Footprint: 23cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • 7.9mm (5/16in) Allen tool included

F360, cameras, tripod, monopod, super clamp etc not included.

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the tri-base mount on a smooth and clean surface, suitable for suction mounts
  2. Press down hard on the base plate to ensure good contact between the 3 suction cups and the surface
  3. Lock all 3 suction cups
  4. Attach your equipment to the 3/8-16 bolt on the ball head. Tighten it against the black tri-wing knob
  5. Orient or level it where you need it
  6. Use your fingers to tighten all three 3/8 bolts around the white ball head
  7. Use the 5/16 Allen Key Tool to tighten one (1) of the 3/8 bolts by no more than half a turn. A quarter turn is usually enough. Over-turning will cause damage to the Delrin ball, and should not be necessary to get a good grip

Uninstall instruction

  1. Unlock all 3 suction cups
  2. Lift the lip on each suction cup to release it from the surface

Alternate use:

Remove the three 3/8 bolts to remove the ball head assembly completely. Use the 3/8 threaded holes to mount your equipment directly to the base plate.


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