360 Rig presentation at the IVRPA conference in NYC

Carlos Chegado, president of the  International VR Photographer Association (IVRPA) was so kind to invite me to speak at the 2012 conference in New York City, June 13-16, 2012. I was honored to be part of the illustrious lineup of speakers, promising a very interesting flood of news and knowledge, and very happy to see so many professionals again.

The talk was divided into 3 parts: a bit of history about existing 360 video solutions, my experience with the xperiastudio.com project with Sony and LBi, and an extended Q&A session. Since the talk is 1h, I split it up into 3 parts, and feel free to post your questions in the comments below.

Part 1: History and background:

Part 2: Design and philosophy

Part 3: demo and Q&A

Photo curtesy of Jook Leung, videos curtesy of ayrton360.com



    You don’t give all the problems about parallaxe/time defauts … and you speak about a new way to stitch … 1 min rec for 5 min process … Do you pass with a 3D environnement ?

    I find a new way to stitch … and work for 360 3D video with may be 6000X3000 pixels or more definition … but not for web for videoprojection … i already make some taste with 6 GOpro : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFbzoLjQN9o

    My website is in progresse but you dont find yet video project … If you have some news about 360 video … I m realy interesting because in france people care .

    SO nice and funny to see your work … i ve made the same choice


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