Make sure all cameras have wifi turned on by pressing the small button on the left side of each camera:

  • on= blue light on front of camera blinking slowly
  • off= no blue light.
  • Make sure you went through the process pairing all 6 or 7 cameras to one remote.
  • Turning off wifi does not affect the pairing
  • Turn off wifi when traveling, especially on a commercial flight
  • Turn off wifi to conserve battery (wifi will drain the battery in about 24h)

Turning the cameras ON with the wifi remote:

  • Press white button on the remote once
  • This turns on the remote and the remote will start looking for all cameras it is connected to and will turn them on. The screen of the remote shows on top how many cameras it found so far. Wait for all cameras to turn ON. This  can take 2-3 minutes, be patient.

 Troubleshooting if a camera did not turn on:

  1. Check if the battery is charged. If not, charge it.
  2. Make sure wifi is turned on (blue LED blinks).
  3. Make sure you are in wifi range, and nothing solid is blocking the wifi signal.
  4. If camera does not react at all, it might be frozen or has crashed (it will also not react to the buttons on the camera): Remove camera from the rig. If there is a red light at the back of the camera, it is confirmed the camera has crashed. Remove the battery and put it back in to reset. If the camera has enough charge it will work now. Proceed by turning off all other cameras, turn on the wifi of the ‘problem’ camera and then turn cameras ON with the remote.

 Turn cameras OFF with the wifi-remote:

  • Hold the white button on the remote for 3 seconds. All cameras and the remote will turn off.

Before you start recording:

  • Make sure all cameras and the remote have enough charge
  • Make sure all cameras are on (turn them on with the remote)
  • Make sure all cameras show the same settings on the screen
  • Make sure you have enough space on the MicroSD card


  • Press the trigger button (red button) on the remote once to start recording. The cameras will beep and red lights on front and top of the camera will start blinking.
  • Press the trigger button on the remote once to stop recording. The cameras will beep and red lights will stop blinking.

Taking pictures:

  • Same process as above.
  • Click the white button on the remote to choose single picture or burst mode
  • Press the red button on the remote to take a/many picture(s)