Pairing GoPro Cameras to One Wifi Remote

While it is possible to reconnect to the same remote or connect more cameras to a remote that is already connected to several cameras it is a little bit tricky and doesn’t always work. It is sometimes easier/faster and therefore recommended to connect to a new/different wifi remote, and keep the “used” wifi remote for later.

 Instructions for the GoPro Hero3+:

  1. The blue LED on the front blinks when wifi is on, and is off when wifi is off (if you didn’t change the default settings already, otherwise check if the wifi icon is visible in the LCD)
  2. Pick one of your remotes and set the remote into pairing mode: press and hold the red trigger button on the remote, and click the white mode button. Wait until the remote boots up and shows the pairing icon.
  3. Turn on a camera via the button on the front of the camera
  4. Click the wifi button on the left side of the camera: if wifi was off, this will turn on wifi. Click the wifi button again to go straight to the wifi settings menu in the camera
  5. Press the trigger button to enter the wifi menu
  6. Press power/mode button to go through the menu
  7. Select ‘WiFi RC’ and press trigger button
  8. Press mode button to go to ‘NEW’
  9. Select by pressing trigger button: pairing screen appears
  10. Ignore the question “pair another” on the remote
  11. Repeat step 3 forward for the next/remaining cameras
  12. Shut down all cameras and the remote
  13. Use the remote to turn on all cameras, and to check if all cameras are properly communicating with the remote.
  14. Note: the start up process may take 1-2 minutes, please be patient.
  15. Trouble shooting: if one or more cameras don’t start up after 2 min, repeat the pairing process, it may have had been incomplete.

The screen of the remote shows on top how many cameras are connected.


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