The newspaper O DIA Online with the desire not only to educate their readership but to put them right in the middle of the events commissioned Ayrton Camargo, a pioneer of panoramic photography in journalism, to shoot 360 video at a social intervention in Cracolandia in Rio de Janeiro.

Cracolandia represents the dark and painful side of the city and a Brazil grappling with a spreading crack epidemic. Here, at the Avenida Brazil right next to the entrance of Ilha do Governador, the crack addicts live, eat, sleep and smoke crack and harass drivers stuck in traffic for money to sustain their addictions. On December 6th, 2012 the press, police, social workers and psychologist descended upon the site and caused quite a stir. While most photographers stayed at a safe distance Ayrton Camargo was in the midst of it all with the 360Rig dodging stones thrown at anyone documenting the events. Afterwards he described his emotions as swinging “between anger and mercy”.

[pano file=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ preview=”” panobox=”on”]Andrea Simoes

Read Ayrton Camargo’s own account of the events as well as the newspaper article of O DIA.