Lauberhorn Run

Here is something to get you warmed up for Socchi: The Lauberhorn ski run, the longest World Cup run in the world shot as a 360 video.

Matthias Taugwalder from CONCEPT360 brings us this 3 minute video shot with the Freedom360 mount and 6 GoPro cameras. He had less than 24h to shoot and process to get the video online before the start of the World Cup race.

At Lauberhorn, pro skiers can reach record speeds of up to 160 km/h (100 miles/h) on the Haneggschuss, a straightaway 25–30 seconds from the finish. So the task of not only skiing the run but also to shoot it required one extraordinary athlete: Bruno Kernen, former world champion and winner of the Lauberhorn race in 2003.

Bruno Kerner with Freedom360 at start of the Lauberhorn run
Credits: Matthias Taugwalder/CONCEPT360

He not only handled the extra weight of the Freedom360 on his helmet exceptionally well he was also shooting additional footage with a handheld camera. All while skiing the Lauberhorn run at breathtaking speed (compare his 3 minutes to the course record of 2:24.23). Enjoy the ride from the safety of your home!

Here is some more background information about this project produced in collaboration by CONCEPT360 and TCP for SRF, the Swiss Radio and TV broadcasting company (warning: german ahead).

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