Advanced Rotator Panning Clamp PCD5 (F1195)


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More compact and lighter than the RD16-II or RD8. This rotator allows for the most popular rotational click stops: 5°,10°,12°, 24°, 30°. The rotator is Arca-swiss compatible and primarily designed for use with professional ball head

Very intuitive by design. Rotate all knurled detent knobs counter-clockwise for free rotation. When selecting click stops make sure proper knurled knobs are fully sitting by rotating clockwise.
For 5° click stops rotate clockwise both 10° and 10°/2 knurled knobs.
For 10° click stops rotate clockwise only the 10° knurled knob.
For 12° click stops rotate clockwise both 24° and 24°/2 knurled knobs.
For 24° click stops rotate clockwise only the 24° knurled knob.
For 30° click stops rotate clockwise only the 30° knurled knob.


  • 5 selectable click stops 5°,10°,12°, 24°, 30°
  • Acra-swiss clamp with locking pin
  • Rotator locking lever
  • End Tab (blue) allows for free movement across index scale to mark desired end positioning.
  • 1/4″ and M6 male screws for mounting to tripod.


Maximum recommended load: 5kg

patent pending


Nodal Ninja

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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