Arca Swiss Compatible Lens Plate – 85mm (F8171)


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Arca Swiss Compatible Lens Plate
The lens plate is Arca Swiss compatible and has 1/4″ socket at the base. It features a removable anti-twisting flange. Different flange can be made to fit different shapes of lens feet. Rectangular flange fits collar with rectangular edge. Rounded flange fits collar with large chamfered or rounded edge. There are 4 lengths of lens plate is to choose from: 70mm / 85mm / 100mm / 120mm.

It is also compatible with Fanotec lens ring and the LF-1 Replacement Lens Foot for Pentax DA*60-250mm, DA*300mm and Adapter Q to K


  • Arca Swiss compatible
  • Compatible with Fanotec lens rings.
  • 1/4″ socket at the base
  • Removable and changeable anti-twisting flange to fit different shapes of lens feet





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