Cable/Power options for F360 Broadcaster


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Power and Cable Options for the F360 Broadcaster

USB Battery Packs, 6-port USB Charger, angled mini USB cables, Battery Elminators, angled mini HDMI cables

we recommend to use external power for the F360 Broadcaster during live streaming. Our products below give you several options to keep your GoPro Hero 3/3+ as well as GoPro Hero4 cameras running for a long time.

To transmit the video signal to your live-stitching box/computer use angled HDMI cables. The angled mini HDMI cables keep a low profile and connect your GoPro cameras to the video capture cards.
Choose the combination from our power supply and cable options that fits your needs from the menu above.

1. USB Battery Pack

This 15000mAh pack allows to charge/operate 3 GoPro Hero3/3+/4 cameras simultaneously, providing approximately 6h total recording time for 3 (three) cameras. If you use 2 (two) battery packs, you can charge all 6 cameras between takes for up to 6h total recording time. The battery pack itself needs to be charged via a micro USB cable (included) from a substantial power source, such as an iPad charger 2A or charge it the packs with the USB3 hub.

 Items included:

  • 20000 mAh USB battery pack
  • misc USB cables


2. Set of 6 Battery Eliminator for GoPro Hero 3/3+

Power your Gopro Hero 3/3+ cameras from a USB Power source. Replace the batteries with a coupler plate that fits in place of the original batteries. The 10′ long USB power cable gives you ample to power your cameras from almost anywhere. The battery eliminator also makes it easier to keep all cables neat and organized.

Items included:

  • GoPro Battery Eliminator for GoPro HERO 3 and HERO 3+ with USB connector and 10′ USB power cable


3. Set of 6 angled mini USB cables (use with GoPro Hero 4 cameras)

Power your GoPro Hero 4 cameras via USB during live streaming. The left angled USB cables keep the HDMI port accessible. With a length of 180cm the cables easily plug into any USB Power Supply such as the 6-port USB Charger.

Items included:

  • 6 angled USB cables – straight male USB to angled male mini USB, 180cm

4. 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger

This 6-port USB charger makes it possible to charge all six GoPro cameras at the same time while leaving the cameras in the Freedom360 mount. If you have access to a power outlet you can provide power to the cameras through the USB charger while recording. This is especially useful for time-lapse recording. This charger comes with Quick Charge 2.0 Technology (2 ports)  as well as Auto Detect Technology to detect at what speed your device needs to charge.

Items included:

  • 6-port wall charger
  • 0.5m/5ft Detachable Power Cord
  • USB Charging Cable


5. Set of 6 angled mini HDMI cables

These angled HDMI cables work perfectly with the F360 Broadcaster Mount. They are angled left so that they keep the USB port accessible and keep a low profile.

Note: Be careful with the micro HDMI port on the GoPro camera, it’s very sensitive to torsion, and without caution the connector could be damaged.

Items included:

  • 6 angled mini HDMI – straight male HDMI to angled male mini HDMI, 180cm
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Choose your power/cable options

1x Battery pack, 2x Battery Packs, Set of 6 Battery Eliminators for GoPro HERO 3/3+, Set of 6 USB cables (use with GoPro HERO 4), 6-port USB Charger, Set of 6 angled HDMI cables, 6 USB cables + 6 HDMI cables + USB Charger, 6 Battery Eliminators + 6 HDMI cables + USB Charger

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