Carbon Fiber Monopod short

Carbon Fiber Monopod short, ca 30-80cm, 4 segments, twist-lock

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This carbon fiber monopod is specifically designed to fill the space between the short extension pole and the longer Carbon Fiber Monopods, when normal carbon fiber poles are just too long and the short extension pole isn’t enough.

This is a modified Feisol Monopod CM-1471 to fit the needs of 360º video productions. Use it in confined spaces such as car interiors/exteriors,  together with the Tri-base Suction Cup Mount. The extra sturdy tubes (37-20mm) support the F360 Explorer+ with ease, as well as heavy DSLR setups (i.e. Canon 5DIII + 8-15mm with NodalNinja R1), even horizontally.


  • Modified Feisol CM-1471
  • Length: ca 30 – 80cm
  • 4 segments
  • Tube diameter: 37 – 20mm tubes
  • Vertical load capacity: 11kg
  • Connectors: 3/8 female on both sides plus 3/8 male screw
  • Twist lock
  • Nylon carrying bag
  • Weight: ca. 420g (610g with bag)
  • Exclusive at Freedom360


Use common sense: (CF) poles are build for longitudinal forces, holding them vertically limits the max load capacity. Use with caution. Never extend a segment all the way to the endstop. Always leave 5-10cm “in the tube” for each segment, the more the better. Although the Freedom360 is very light (about 525gr), additional forces can still break the carbon fiber. Use good safety practices, including safety cables, especially if you rig the rig above crowds. Inspect your monopod, and discard it if you think the CF integrity has become compromised.

Legal disclaimer: we are in no way responsible for unsafe practices when using the monopod, or should the monopod become damaged or break for whatever reason. Use at your own risk.

Tri-base Suction Cup Mount etc sold separately.

Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 13.38 × 3.54 × 2.75 in

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