Dual Axis MECHA C2-E2-E2 With NN6 and Nadir Adapter

Shoot 360° panoramas and high-resolution gigapixel images with a heavy duty and affordable dual-axis pan-tilt head solution.

This package includes 2 heavy duty MECHA E2 rotators. Together with the NN6 ans Nadir Adapter, this setup forms a motorized pan and tilt head for multi-row application. It is easily controlled with the included Dual Axis MECHA Controller C2.


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Dual-Axis MECHA E2 With C2 Controller and NN6 Panoramic Tripod Head

A heavy-duty and affordable “dual-axis” pan-tilt head solution for full-size DSLRs and lenses. We use some parts from NN6, Mecha E2 as lower and upper rotators, together with C2 Controller and a battery holder which also acts as a vertical extender.
Use as a single row or multi-row shooting for turntable object VR. Or use as a dual-axis rotator for both horizontal and vertical movements. The Mecha C2 and E2 being modular in design will be compatible with future Mecha rotators and controllers paving the way for future low-cost upgrades.

This setup supports a camera/lens up to 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) and torque of 35.7 kg-cm (31 lb-in).

NPP up to 145mm from the pivot point making it ideal for mirror-less, and full-size DSLR cameras. Shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images.

Max height of lens axis from camera base supported is 107mm. It will even support DSLRs with a battery grip.

  • Shoot 360° panoramas and high-resolution gigapixel images
  • A heavy duty and affordable dual-axis pan-tilt head solution.
  • Supports a camera/lens up to 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
  • Supports a turning torque up to 35.7 kg-cm (31 lb-in)
  • Ideal for mirrorless and full size DSLRs

Not in the Box: Shutter Release Cable, Batteries, Battery Charger.


Package Includes:

  • Two MECHA E2 Rotator
  • One MECHA C2 Controller
  • One NN6 Lower Rail
  • One NN6 Upper Rail with Camera Mounting Plate and Knob
  • One Battery Holder and Extender for E2 Rotator
  • One (Quick Release) Nadir Adapter
  • One Carrying Case
  • Miscellaneous Spare and Extras for Customization and Creative Use


Essential Items NOT Included:

  • Two NP-F550 Type Batteries and a Charger
  • One Long Shutter Release Cable for Dual-Axis MECHA

More Information about included parts

The motorized rotator head will support up to 8.8bs (4kg), including panohead. For use with NN4/5, NN6, M1/M2, R1, R10, RS2, (heads sold separately) and dual camera stereo setups. Mecha is lightweight, quiet and power efficient. Together with the Single Axis Controller C1 (F9910), it automates the panning axis of Nodal Ninja heads. Two sets of this bundle together with some custom parts (coming soon) can form a motorized pan and tilt head for multi-row application.

Mecha E2 Rotator Features:

  • Supports 8.8bs (4kg), including panohead, strong enough for dual camera stereo setups.
  • Compact and light weight for the load rating.
  • Weight 22.8 oz (645g)
  • 126x48x51mm

The MECHA C2 controller, is a dedicated dual-axis controller with an OLED display and external battery.
The display can guide you through all the major operations and settings, making C2 much more intuitive than the single-axis C1 controller with LED indicators only.
The use of an external battery means you can carry spare batteries and quickly refuel MECHA before or during a shooting session.
A power cable splitter (optional) is available for using 2 sets of batteries at the same time for extended operation and/or changing batteries without a pause.

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Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 9 × 4 in


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