Entaniya HAL 220 PL Lens

Each unit includes one Entaniya HAL 220 PL Lens with 14 Zoom Spacer Rings and PL Camera Mount.


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The Entaniya HAL 220 PL is the widest PL fisheye lens for Cinema Cameras. It features a 220 degree field of view. It is designed for use with Arri (LF, SXT W), RED(Monstro, Helium, Gemini, Dragon), Sony Venice and Blackmagic Design Cinema Cameras. The lens also works well with full frame sensors and covers a S35 sensor completely.

The lens can be used in a single lens setup for overcapture as well as dome capture, or in a single cam nodal setup. However, it’s real strength lies in the use in a two camera back-to-back configuration for a full 360 by 180 capture for virtual reality. (Some configurations might require more than two cameras for 360/VR capture.)

The focal length can be adjusted between 6.14mm and 8.03mm by changing the zoom spacer ring inside the lens (picture below). Each zoom spacer ring creates a different image circle size on the sensor. 14 zoom spacer rings are included for a total of 15 seps. The choice of zoom spacer ring and focal length depends on the intended camera use and the required image circle size. A picture for RED and ARRI image circle sizes can be seen below.

The HAL 220 is available with two option for the Iris Blade: the B9 comes with 9 blades and the B11 has 11 blades creating different sunstar shapes for corresponding T-values.

Please call + 1 646 479 0977 or email us at support@freedom360.us about any questions regarding Entaniya HAL 220 PL Lenses.

Delivery takes between 1-2 weeks most times.


Mount Type PL-mount
Focal Length 6.14mm-8.03mm (Fixed focal length lens)
Angle of View 220°
Iris Blades 9 or 11
Aperture T2.9-T16 (B9), T2.9-T22 (B11)
(can be adjusted manually)
Image Circle 220°: 22.6mm – 29.8mm
Bundled Zoom Spacer Rings 14
Weight 1.6kg


1 Complete Lens

1 Zoom Spacer Set



Zoom Spacer Rings

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 in
Iris Blades

Iris Blades 9, T2.9-16, Iris Blades 11, T2.9-22



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