F360 Broadcaster Kit

The F360 Broadcaster Kit comes ready with HDMI and USB cable to use for live-streaming. Or use it without the cables to capture 360 by 140 video.


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The unique geometry minimizes of the F360 Broadcaster Mount the downward (or upward, if rigged from the ceiling) blindspot to only 40º, a perfect place to hide all cables. The 3/8 female connector is slightly offset from the center to give more room for cables. The mini HDMI cables are fed through the mount and cutouts on the top allows to connect them to the GoPro cameras. At the same time the F360 Broadcaster is incredibly compact. The camera lenses are optimally arranged to achieve maximum overlap between adjacent fields of view.

The F360 Broadcaster Mount is a mount dedicated for 360º video live streaming. Extra space inside the mount allows for neat cable management. The Broadcaster Kit comes ready with HDMI to connect to a computer for live-streaming. The included USB cables and USB charger make sure your cameras never run out of juice.

  • The F360 Broadcaster Mount
  • The Carbon Fiber Monopod holds the Broadcaster Mount with the cameras. It can be adjusted between 50cm and 150cm of length.
  • A set of three Stackable Weights counter balances the weight of the camera head and contributes to stability of the setup. They also can be used to act like a simplified steadycam device.
  • The F360 Basic Ball Tripod provides a stable base for the F360 Broadcaster with a small footprint.
  • With the 60W 6-port USB Charger your setup can be continuously powered or charged in between takes.
  • With the Set of 6 long (6ft.), angled USB cables, your cameras can be continuously charged.
  • Use a Set of 6 angled HDMI cables to connect the GoPro cameras to a computer for live-streaming.

Check out the software options.

Cameras not included

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 23.62 x 7.87 x 5.9 in

Include in the F360 Broadcaster Kit

  • F360 Broadcaster Mount (black Polyamide (Nylon) with one standard stainless steel female 3/8 connectors: developed and designed by Freedom360
  • Carbon Fiber Monopod
  • Set of three Stackable Weights
  • F360 Basic Ball Tripod
  • 60W 6-port USB Charger
  • Set of 6 long (6ft.) USB cables
  • Set of 6 HDMI cables
  • Protective pouch with rain cover (made by ThinkTank)
  • Tweezers (for easier MicroSD card removal)
  • Lens cleaner cloth
  • 3/8 to 1/4 adapter bushing

Cameras not included


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