F360 Explorer HERO6 Edition

F360 Explorer HERO6 Edition is the definitive 360×180 spherical camera mount for the latest cameras from GoPro.

This mount is designed for use with six identical HERO6 cameras.


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The F360 Explorer HERO6 Edition mount is a sturdy frame based mount for six GoPro HERO6 cameras.  The dependable outer frame protects the cameras against external bumps and offers a wide variety of mounting points for additional accessories. The interconnected design of the Explorer eliminates any individual camera movement and keeps each camera repeatable in the same place, which is important for any template to work. It has stainless steel reinforced standard 3/8 female connectors on each corner as well as in the center of two cradles (think: build-in 5X adapters) to provide plenty of rigging options.

For GoPro HERO6 or HERO5 cameras. Use the GoPro frame bezel that came with your cameras. This prototype design does not utilize the retainer clip as the H4 model. The cameras are still securely held in place.

A 4:3 aspect ratio with a Wide FOV is absolutely required to capture a full 360 x 180 video. Using the settings listed below allows you to favor a higher overall resolution, or higher framerate. The Gopro HERO6 camera records the 2.7k and 4k resolutions below at 60mbit/sec HEVC (h.265), increasing the recording quality greatly.

  • 6k @ 60fps (probably 120fps after the next FW update*)
  • 8k @ 60fps
  • 12k @ 30fps
Video Resolution Stitched Resolution Frames Per Second Field of View (FOV) individual Resolution
1440p aprox 6k (120*), 60, 30, 24 Wide 1920×1440
2.7K 4:3 aprox 8k 60, 30, 24 Wide 2704×2028
4k 4:3 aprox 12k 30, 24 Wide 4000×3000

Items included:

  • Frame mount with individual cradles
  • Set of 6 22mm M5 hex cap screws plus one spare
  • 4mm Allen hex wrench
  • Protective wrap
  • Microfiber lens cleaner, black

Usage tips:

  • Filming with the F360 Explorer requires manual sync of the source footage. Start recording each camera by pressing the button. Audio claps are usually sufficient for sync in post.
  • Only the resolution modes outlined above will give you a successful stitch.
  • Stitching templates from all leading 360 stitching apps will work
  • Voice command (“Gopro, start recording”) should work for all cameras (YMMV)


The F360 Explorer HERO6 Edition can be submersed in water, but any footage underwater is not stitchable.

Not included:

  • GoPro HERO6 cameras
  • Pole or similar device

US Patents 9,413,930 / 9,491,339 / 9,621,770

Freedom360 Explorer patent info.



Freedom360 original products
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 5.9 × 6.88 in
Add software

F360 Explorer Mount, F360 Explorer + AVP + APG, F360 Explorer + VideoStitch + PTGui

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