F360 Swivel Tri-base

The Freedom360 Tri-base Swivel Suction Cup Mount: this model has a large ball head for easy handling. 3 suction cups with adjustable legs offer a strong and redundant hold on curved surfaces. *Other items not included.



The newest member of the F360 tri-base family, the F360 Swivel Tri-base lets you use our unique suction cup mount on flat and curved surfaces.

Each suction cup can be angled separately to fit your gear onto smooth surfaces such as windows, cars and similar. The triple suction cups offer a level of redundancy over single cup mounts. The ball head is removable and you can connect other equipment straight to the base plate via 3/8 tapped holes. One F360 Swivel Tri-base mount will hold a 360 camera up to about 2kg in any direction (vertically more of course) and two tri-base suction cups with super clamps will hold a pole securely in place (i.e. a 2-point mount on a car). Use common sense when using suction cups, and always use safety cables when the situation warrants it.

 Items included:

  • Swivel Tri-base suction cup
  • 6.35mm thick black-anodized aluminium base
  • 38mm Delrin ball head with 3/8 male connector
  • Weight: 872gr
  • Footprint: 23cm
  • Height: 9cm (to flat base), 13.5cm (top of ballhead)
  • 7.9mm (5/16in) and 4mm Allen hex tool included

F360, cameras, tripod, monopod, super clamp etc not included.

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the tri-base mount on a smooth, clean and dry surface, suitable for suction mounts
  2. Make sure each suction cup sits as flat as possible on the surface
  3. Press down on the base plate right above the suction cup to ensure good contact between the suction cup and the surface
  4. Lock each suction cup
  5. Keep the clamping plate parallel by turning the two screws equally. Tighten the ball with about half turn of the outer screw with the 4mm hex tool, don’t overtighten.
  6. Attach your equipment to the 3/8-16 bolt on the ball head. Tighten it against the black tri-wing knob
  7. Orient your gear to its final position
  8. Use your fingers to tighten all three 3/8 bolts around the white ball head
  9. Use the 5/16 Allen Key Tool to tighten one (1) of the 3/8 bolts by no more than half a turn. A quarter turn is usually enough. Over-turning will cause damage to the Delrin ball, and should not be necessary to get a good grip

Uninstall instruction

  1. Unlock all 3 suction cups
  2. Lift the lip on each suction cup to release it from the surface

Alternate use:

Remove the three 3/8 bolts to remove the ball head assembly completely. Use the 3/8 threaded holes to mount your equipment directly to the base plate. You can reconfigure the tri-base ball head for underslung mounting if necessary.

Patent Pending

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in



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