Gear Pack

F360 Basic Ball Tripod, Super Clamp and Stackable Weights.


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The Gear Pack: three basic accessories that you need for most 360º video productions.

The F360 Basic Ball Tripod is one of the most versatile tripods that you can own. The main component of the F360 Basic Ball Tripod is the Aluminium hemisphere with 14 different ⅜”  female connectors (standard) to allow for a wide variety of configurations.The F360 Basic Ball Tripod combined with the Weights helps to keep monopods stand upright with a small footprint. It is a solid base for all 360º video gear. The Super Clamp with ratchet handle comes in handy attaching gear to pipes, tubes or edges. Combine the F360 Basic Ball with the Super Clamp to point the monopod in any direction.

Items Included:

  • F360 Basic Ball Tripod with 14  3/8 connectors
  • Modified Super Clamp with additional 3/8 mounting threads
  • Set of three 500 gr (0.5kg) weights, black-anodized aluminum for a total of 1.5kg

F360 Basic Ball Tripod: The tripod legs are heavy-duty aluminium and can be attached at three different heights with wide, medium and small footprint to make a regular tripod setup. On uneven terrain choose different levels for the legs to get your monopod back into a vertical position. Or use only two or one tripod leg. The legs come with rubber ball feet which can be detached. In addition, there are three 90º holes at the equator to give you even more options to connect gear. The monopod (or weights) attach at the center of the hemisphere. Weight: 585 g; Footprint: variable; Max. Height: 20.4 cm; the F360 Basic Ball Tripod has a working load in excess of 20kg

Super Clamp: The Super Clamp is modified for rigging the Freedom360 together with a pole, allowing you to find new and creative methods, such has hanging the Freedom360 from the ceiling. Or connect 2 Super Clamps to form a double clamp, 4 clamps will hold a pole solid horizontally.

Stackable Weights (3): The counter weights allow you to balance a monopod and to act like a simplified steadycam device. Each weight is about 500gr, and has a male and female 3/8 connector, making them easily stackable, and attach to the end of a monopod or any other photographic equipment. Add 3 weights to the end of a monopod, and attach the F360 Basic Ball Tripod to the bottom of the weights. This will give the free-standing monopod some more heft, and make it more bottom heavy, adding a bit more stability.



Freedom360 original products
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 5.9 × 5.9 in
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