Hero 4 Front Plate

Hero 4 Front Plate replacement

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Hero 4 Front Plate, Aluminium Replacements:

If you ever owned GoPro Hero 4 cameras, you know how easy the front can be dinged up, and how hot the camera can get. Replacing the front face with our machined and black anodized aluminium front plate allows the heat from the sensor unit disperse better than the original plastic front. It also gives the unit a nice professional black look.

Each front plate comes with a nylon tool to take off the old front plate, as well as thermal paste to provide better heat transfer from the sensor block to the front plate. Instructions included.

Choose from:

  • Single replacement Front Plate
  • Set of 6 Front Plates
*Hero 4 cameras not included



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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 8.66 × 3.93 × .12 in
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