Mantis 360 Remote Dolly

The ultimate stabilized remote dolly for 360 camera arrays.

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The Mantis 360 is everything you need to move your 360 video camera smoothly

The Mantis 360 is the workhorse rover of the 360 industry: from smooth museum floors to rocky&muddy river beds in Africa, the Mantis 360 feels at home everywhere. Its versatility and abilities are absolutely unique, unmatched by any other rover. In regards to payload, it is more than capable to carry a Google Jump camera with battery pack, but can also fly a Gopro Fusion, as well as any other current 360 camera rig. Removing the Mantis 360 from the 360 footage, and creating a clean floor can be done with Mocha.

Included in the Mantis 360:

  • Mantis studio, the base chassis for your remote dolly system.
  • V-con XL, the high level vertical axis stabilizer.
  • 360˚ Evo, utilizes gyro stabilization to eliminate roll, tilt and vibration.
  • Mantis Case, lightweight astroboard and aluminum with custom cut foam insert.
  • Accessories Case, industry trusted Pelican storm case with custom inserts.


Additional in the Mantis 360 /w Gyro:

  • 6×6 Kenyon gyro kit, stabilizer compensates for pan and tilt in all 3-axis.




Create a trackless dolly system, great for eye level shooting, smooth tracking shots or even more agile shooting up to 6 mph.  Its compact footprint, remote operation, and a fast set up time means you can create on the spot shots, or drive your camera in to difficult filming areas.

  • Slow speed motor system which delivers slow smooth controllable movement between 0.1 and 6 mph
  • Reduced noise transmission with a partially belt driven set up
  • Wider foot print for added stability
  • Metal suspension components to improve the robustness of the chassis
  • Rigid bodyshell for mounting extra equipment on board.


V-Con XL

A high level vertical axis stabilizer removes vibrations and smooths out lumps and bumps in the terrain, keeping your footage as stable as possible at a range of higher camera angles.  It fits simply on to the standard mounting rails on the Mantis.

  • Simple adjustment for different payloads
  • 22 step damping adjustment for different terrains
  • Quick release telescopic height adjustment
  • Telescopic post gives a camera height range of between 100cm/39″ and 160cm/63″
  • Payloads up to 12kg/26lbs (camera & gimbal)
  • Vertical travel of approx 12cm/5″
  • Lightweight rugged aluminium and carbon fiber design


360 EVO

Easily adjustable for the balance and payload of all 360˚ cameras up to 5kg in weight, it utilizes gyro stabilization to eliminate roll, tilt and vibration.  The quick release height adjustment of the V-Con XL means the camera can quickly and easily be set to your required filming height.

  • 2 axis gimbal
  • Quick and easy balancing using a simple drop test
  • 2 axis sliding plate and built in leveling bubble for fine tuning of the horizon
  • Quick release height adjustment
  • Camera array payloads up to 5kg/12lbs
  • Lightweight rugged aluminium and carbon fiber design
  • Requires a 6×6 Kenyon Gyro Stabilizer



Compensates for pan and tilt in all 3-axis. One of the key parts to reducing blurring and shaky footage due to vibration or other unwanted motion.



Made from lightweight astroboard and aluminum, this is the perfect way to transport your Mantis from job to job, and to store it between uses.

The Mantis is retained internally by the custom made CNC cut foam insert, and keeps everything safe and secure while in transit, be it by road vehicle or as hold luggage on a plane.

The case features:

  • Integral carry handles
  • Corner wheels
  • Hinged lid
  • Pockets for securing the Mantis, batteries, charger and controller, plus general parts storage.



The industry trusted Pelican storm case, with custom inserts to suit the storage and safe transportation of Mantis products.

This single Pelican case can carry all of the following:

Top removable tray:

V-Con XL
360 Evo
Kenyon 6×6 Gyro

Additional weight

Bottom has a pic & pluck layer for adding v-lock batteries & tool.

External case size: 795mm x 518mm x 310mm

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 23 in
Choose your configuration

Mantis 360, Mantis 360 w/ Gyro

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