META 3 – Rental

META 3 Camera

Crisp 12.5k ResolutionLow parallax – Low Light

Rental Package includes:

    • Meta 3 Camera
    • 4 CFast 2.0 512GB Cards (aprox 30min with Prores, 45min with ProRes LT)
    • CFast Card Reader
    • Microsoft Surface Tablet (Meta 3 Controller)
    • Wifi Transmitter
    • 2 95Wh V-Lock batteries (each about 90min recording)
    • D-Tap charger
    • F360 Quick Release mount/handle
    • Pelican Case

Day rate starting at $2000

Recommended: Camera Operator ($800/day)

The META 3 is a professional 360 camera with a stitched resolution of 12.5K  on an equirectangular projection @30fps. The four lenses have great overlap and cover the full 360 by 180 degree sphere.

Please call + 1 646 479 0977 or email us at regarding rental inquiries and questions.



12.5k stitched resolution from four portrait orientated 6k sensors shooting open gate with high quality glass. Perfect for high-end VR headsets, giant screen projections or oversampling!

Meta Three camera can record footage in ProRes 422. That’s important, not just in pixel quality but in color detail.  You can also shoot in h.265 with high bitrate.

The Meta Three camera has full electronic focus and aperture control, featuring individual lens focus, plus reset to pre-set settings. The aperture is controllable between f3.5 to f22. The lenses are calibrated to default to infinity focus and if you shoot at f/5.6 no focus adjustment is necessary.

The Meta Three can live stream in 8k either through its ethernet port or HDMI ports using 3rd party software such as Voysys; locally for a ‘director’s view’ or online to YouTube, Facebook or private servers.

There is no better formation for getting four lenses close. They are so close in fact that they stitch beautifully. Also, as these lenses are so sharp all across the plane, they look fantastic wherever on the overlap you choose to stitch them.

The camera is built to work with V-Lock batteries – the industry standard for pro shooters. Simply plug in to our solid LEMO socket and get rolling.

4x CFast 2.0 slots

4x HDMI sockets, for uncompressed live 4k DCI output in beautiful 10bit 4:2:2 during recording.

4x USB C connectors for storage extension

1x Gigabit Ethernet port for wired camera control and live streaming.

1x Sync port to the camera, allowing you to connect another or multiple cameras. For example, this would be great for shooting from drones – having a fifth lens on top of the UAV.

1x mini XLR recording, in sync, directly to the cards. (The camera also has internal mics for ‘scratch’ / sync audio).

The camera records internally on 4 CFast cards. Choose high quality cards for high bitrate recordings. For external recording four SSD’s can be attached via USB-C.

Download unstitched ProRes files, stitched samples as well as stitching templates at

There are no fans or moving parts in the camera that generate noise, heat is dissipated via the full aluminium chassis. This means it can be used with orchestras or other audio sensitive environments.



META Camera

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