NN3 MK3 / NN6 Dual Camera Multi-row Stereo Attachment (F6043)


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A lightweight setup dedicated for multi-row stereo panoramic photography, consists of new LP140 (140 mm lens plate), 2 QRC-38DS (clamp with strap mount and dovetail for clamping) and one right angle connector for lens plate and NN3 MK3 or NN6.
Paired with 2 QRC-38DS to form a compact dual lens ring mount stereo bracket to mimic an Interpupillary distance (IPD) of 65-100 mm  (2.55″-3.94″), perfect for most small lenses and cameras for both indoor and outdoor.
QRC-38DS (F2013) @$40.00  x2 = $80
LP140 (F8174) x1 = $45
Right Angle Connector for Lens Plate (F6042b) x1 = retail $19.95  (BETA* $9.95)
Individually priced = $144.95 – Factory priced $139.95 you save $5.00
prerequisite: 2 cameras with lens ring mounts. 
Load Rating: 3 kg (6.6 lbs).
Screw-knob Mini Clamp, 38 mm jaws.
Low profile, and light weight,   g (  oz)  only,
Adjustable inter-lens distance of 65-100 mm  (2.55″-3.94″).
Multi-functional Arca Swiss Compatible parts. 
Compatible with NN3 “MK3” and NN6 series heads.
If using with NN3 MK3 be careful not to exceed the weight limit of 3.5lb (1.5kg)


* Right Angle Connector for Lens Plate (F6042b) is a BETA release version hence (50% off).  There is no reference point for reading the location on the rail accurately. Any straight object can be used to facilitate reading. Users can add a mark/ tape on the rail to remember the setting. We are also working on a quick release clamp version with 12mm offset to reduce the nadir footprint. Users can replace the right angle connector with this QR version once it becomes available.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 2 in


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