NN6 Barebones (F6005)


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Level: Amateur – Pro. 
: 8-200mm+. 

Cameras: DSLR’s
: Comfortable Size – Strong – Upper Rotator 7.5 degree positive stops or free rotation

Uses: General, Landscape, High Resolution, Gigapixels, Commercial, HDR

NN6 Barebone includes:

  1. NN6 horizontal rail
  2. Vertical Assembly with upper rotator
  3. spirit level
  4. rail stops
  5. neoprene 2 part case

Additional components required:

  • Lower Rotator: RD10 (F1140) OR RD16 (F1161)
  • Vertical Rail Base: Upright Foot with Tightening Knob (F6025), OR Quick Release Nadir Adapter (F6026) to mount vertical assemble onto lower rail.
  • Camera Plate (F6038) – NOT Arca Swiss Compatible. 
  • Arca Compatible Right Angle Dual Clamp (F9131) attaches to your Arca Style Camera Plate


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