Nodal Ninja 7.3mm MFT Mount (F6700)


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Made by Yasuhara EXCLUSIVELY for Nodal Ninja. It has the same optical performance of the popular Madoka 180 which is available in E-Mount and X-mount. This lens has Micro Four Thirds (M43/ MFT) mount and has a modified aperture ring that allows a dedicated lens ring to be attached to the lens barrel without blocking the focus or aperture ring.
Side-by-side comparison shared by Bernard Dery:
Sony A7r & Samyang 8mm for Sony VS Sony Nex-7 & Madoka 7.3mm…/madoka-7.3mm-sony-nex-7/


Product name Nodal Ninja Fisheye 7.3mm F4
Lens mount Micro Four Thirds (M43/ MFT)
Dimensions Diameter 61mm, Length 42mm (from lens mount)
Weight 200g
Picture angle 180 degrees (cropped circle on MFT)
Focal length 7.3mm
Open F number F4
Electrical contact No (Set the camera body to “release without lens” mode)
Lens construction 6 groups 7 elements


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Nodal Ninja

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