Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2

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The second longest pole in the Nodal Ninja family, almost 6m, giving you the second floor view experience for your F360 from the ground.

 Items included:

  • Nodal Ninja Pole series 2 (complete)
  • Carbon-fiber, 5 segments
  • Folded length: 119cm
  • Extended: 592cm
  • Usable length: 540cm
  • Weight (without bag): 1900gr
  • Padded Nylon travel bag

Optional extra:

  • Pole safety kit (Carabiner, angled attachment plate and 3/8 bolt, ca. 100cm runner) to safely attach a security line to the pole


Nodal Ninja

Panoramic Hardware, Poles and Accessories
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 59.05 × 3.93 × 3.93 in
Pole options

Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2, Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 + safety kit

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