Quick Release Mount (QR Mount)

The Quick Release Mount provides a hassle-free connection for your camera and monopod.  This item includes a modified Fanotec Quick Mount Mini, a custom Adapter manufactured by Freedom360, and three 3/8″ set screws.

Suitable for any size of 360 camera, from small to heavy, including Yi Halo and similar.


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Quick Release Mount

Never struggle with attaching your camera to a monopod in the field again!  Our Quick Release Mount safely and securely connects your camera to a monopod without any spinning.

The clamp, a modified Fanotec Quick Mount Mini, connects to your monopod with a standard 3/8″ set screw. The Adapter, which also acts as a handle for the camera, connects separately to your camera with another 3/8″ set screw. Fit the Adapter into the Quick Mount, tighten the thumb screw, and you’re ready to shoot in seconds.

Suitable for any size of 360 camera, from small to heavy, including Yi Halo and similar.

Weight: 180gr, Height: 85mm, Handle Diameter: 28mm, Grip Length: ca 60mm

* Due to the nature of manufacturing, the appearance and size may slightly change, but the perfect fit&hold is standardized.

Quick Release Mount field demo 1
Quick Release Mount field demo 2

Don’t risk dropping your camera!

Traditionally medium to larger sized camera were threaded onto the pole of a tripod, making it awkward if the angle wasn’t right or the thread didn’t catch. Fingerprints on the lenses were almost always a given, some cameras don’t have much of an area where to hold or handle the camera. The QR mount gives the camera a handle, making getting the camera out of the bag and onto the pole less stressful. The QR mount also makes camera reorientation easier. Just loosen the thumbscrew 1/4 turn, move the camera, tighten the thumbscrew. About 1.5 turns to release the mount from the quick release. The mount is designed to give enough clearance for the ethernet port on the Zcam S1 Pro.

The F360 QR mount is an evolution of the Fanotec/Nodal Ninja Quick Mount Mini system, together with Nick Bicanic’s idea to create a simple sturdy spacer below the camera to give access to the ports. The F360 QR mount makes working in the field much easier, getting a GoPro Fusion on a pole is a breeze, getting a Zcam or OZO on a tripod is a snap.

Cameras or other accessories are not included. They are depicted on this page for demonstration purposes only.

A big thank you to Henry Stuart (www.visualise.com) and Ignacio Ferrando Margeli (www.abaco-digital.com) for taking some time while filming to create the little promo video for us. Always great to see when stuff is working “out there”.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.5 in



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