The F360 Stick (VR Tripod)

The essential combo of the long F360 CF Pole, the F360 Basic Ball Tripod, and Stackable Weights.


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The F360 Stick, possibly the most versatile and reliable tripod for 360 VR cameras.

The F360 Stick is the result of years of experience in 360 video productions, where you have to sometimes just plop down a camera in the middle of a stage, no matter how big or heavy the 360 camera is, or you have to carefully place it between some rocks, all with the same piece of gear. Trusting the gear that it will take the payload, vertically as well as horizontally. It can easily hold a Yi Halo or OZO, as well as all common 360 video cameras like the Kandao Obsidian or the Zcam S1 Pro. It is something you can bury in the ground to make your nadir patching easier, or place under water. All parts can be easily washed and cleaned, for a long service life. Unlike traditional photo monopods, we recommend attaching the camera to the “thin” end of the pole, since most of the bending forces will act upon the thick end on the bottom. The F360 Stick is part of every 360 video production.

Items Included:

  • F360 Basic Ball Tripod with an anodized body, three 16mm hex legs (16.4cm long anodized aluminum), three removable rubber feet, and all necessary 3/8 set screws to connect everything
  • F360 Long Pole (carbon fiber, about 180cm max length
  • Set of three 500 gr (0.5kg) weights, black-anodized aluminum for a total of 1.5kg

F360 Basic Ball Tripod: The tripod legs are heavy-duty aluminum and can be attached at three different heights with a wide, medium and small footprint to make a regular tripod setup. On uneven terrain choose different levels for the legs to get your monopod back into a vertical position. Or use only two or one tripod leg. The legs come with rubber ball feet which can be detached and replaced with spikes. In addition, there are three 90º holes at the equator to give you even more options to connect gear. The monopod (or weights) attach at the center of the hemisphere. Weight: 585 g; Footprint: variable; Max. Height: 20.4 cm; the F360 Basic Ball Tripod has a working load way in excess of 20kg

F360 Long Pole: The F360 Long Carbon Fiber Pole is as sturdy as poles of this class can be. It ranges from 57cm to 182cm and has a starting CF diameter of 43.5mm.

Stackable Weights (3): The counterweights give The F360 Stick a low center of gravity, which works in many situations you may encounter during 360 productions. Each weight is about 500gr, and has female 3/8 threads on both ends, making them easily stackable, or used separately.

Camera not included.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 5.9 × 5.9 in



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