Tri-base Suction Cup Mount

The Freedom360 Tri-base suction cup mount: this model has a large ball head for easy handling, also allowing for more holding force.


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The tri-base suction cup is a mounting option to smooth surfaces, such as windows, cars and similar. The triple suction cups offer a level of redundancy over single cup mounts, allowing less of a chance of ‘accidental’ peel-offs. The ball head is removable and you can connect other equipment straight to the base plate via 3/8 tapped holes. 2 (two) tri-base suction cups with super clamps will hold a mono pod securely in place (2-point mount). Use common sense when using suction cups in general, and always use safety cables when the situation warrants it.

 Item included:

  • Tri-base suction cup
  • 6.35mm thick black-anodized  aluminium base
  • 38mm Delrin ball head with 3/8-16 connector
  • Weight: 515gr
  • Footprint: 23cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • 7.9mm (5/16in) Allen tool included

F360, cameras, tripod, monopod, super clamp etc not included.

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the tri-base mount on a smooth, clean and dry surface, suitable for suction mounts
  2. Press down hard on the base plate to ensure good contact between the 3 suction cups and the surface
  3. Lock all 3 suction cups
  4. Attach your equipment to the 3/8-16 bolt on the ball head. Tighten it against the black tri-wing knob
  5. Orient or level it where you need it
  6. Use your fingers to tighten all three 3/8 bolts around the white ball head
  7. Use the 5/16 Allen Key Tool to tighten one (1) of the 3/8 bolts by no more than half a turn. A quarter turn is usually enough. Over-turning will cause damage to the Delrin ball, and should not be necessary to get a good grip

Uninstall instruction

  1. Unlock all 3 suction cups
  2. Lift the lip on each suction cup to release it from the surface

Alternate use:

Remove the three 3/8 bolts to remove the ball head assembly completely. Use the 3/8 threaded holes to mount your equipment directly to the base plate. You can reconfigure the tri-base ball head for underslung mounting if necessary.



Freedom360 original products
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.87 × 7.87 × 3.14 in
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