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All Video stitching and panorama stitching software is available as trial versions. We strongly recommend to test both solutions, Kolor Autopano Video and VideoStitch Studio, to see which fits your work dynamic best. The trial versions come with some limitations but transform into complete versions by entering a license key.



Video stitching software:

Autopano Video Pro:

Autopano Video:

Panorama stitching software:

Autopano Giga:

Autopano Pro:

Limitations of the trial versions:

The demo versions are not limited in time. You can try them as long as you want. However, Autopano Pro/Giga rendered images have watermarks. You can purchase a license here to have any limitations removed:

Buy your Kolor license here



Video stitching software:

Videostitch Studio 2

64bit, Nvidia graphics card needed

Limitations of the trial versions:

You can test it freely, there is no time limitation. The output videos will hold watermarks if they exceed 1024×512 pixel width/height. You need to purchase a license in order to have the watermarks removed:

Buy your VideoStitch license here

Panorama stitching software:

VideoStitch uses PTGui  for camera calibrations. Trial version can be downloaded here

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