Experience the Super Bowl Boulevard on Broadway from Heralds Square to Times Square. Start in front of Macy’s where anyone can become a Broncos or Seahawks player. Then watch children kick a field goal or practice at the obstacle course. Take a look into the CNN studio. Then enjoy the 8-lane Toboggan Run. The NFL network has the best seat in the house right across. An opportunity to kick for extra points (normal sized field goal post). Then take in the view at the Roman numerals and end the stroll with a real NYC tourist experience.

Here are some pictures that we took along the way. The Freedom360 mount sits on top of the NodalNinja Pole Series 2 and has counter weights attached between the pole and the tripod feet for added stability. The length of the NN pole was very helpful to get a good view over the crowd and into places where no one else could as well as some boom shots. We used two different tripods, the tabletop tripod and another simple tripod (Bogen Manfrotto 3001). The tabletop tripod proved to be surprisingly stable alas lacking the option to adjust for uneven pavement hence the Bogen.