We would like to give a huge round of thank you to all that helped us out in Las Vegas 2014, to bring another form of VR presentation to the IVRPA show floor:

inside the dome  roller coaster inside dome

First a big Thank You to Michael Daut from Evans and Sutherland, to loan us a complete Digistar outreach projector system. The single-lens projector system made it really easy to project the 360 content onto the medium sized dome. The projector was a 1600×1600 F35 (up to 7500 lumen)  with a 180 deg fisheye projector lens.

The second big Thank You goes to Greg Senior from Geo Event Systems. Not only did he loan us one of his dome installations, he also came down to Las Vegas to help us setting it up. The negative pressure dome was about 3m in diameter, and the beauty of it was that everything fit into 3 suitcases, easy to setup and breakdown.

Having a full dome installation at our booth at the IVRPA conference gave all the participants the opportunity to see their own footage, or the footage some of our customers contributed, or some of our own work, in a proper surround full dome setup. Kolor had tweaked their Kolor Eyes desktop player especially for this purpose, so we could use our standard equirectangular 360 movies without  any conversion.

Thanks to Matthew Mascheri from Dome3D, our partner in Chicago, specializing in dome and 360, to help us out with all the technical aspects of having a dome in the first place.