Shooting Basics

Some shooting basics, rigging and camera operation, to shoot 360º video with the Elmo360.

Basic Rigging Setup

The following is one of the most basic setups for 360° video capture. It is quick and can be moved easily to the next location.

Make sure that you already setup the QBiC MS-1 cameras. If not do it before you assemble the rig.

The short of it:

The Elmo360 is attached to a pole. The table top tripod supports the pole and the Elmo360. The Tabletop tripod has a small foot print that almost vanishes in the final video. A set of weights makes the setup more stable and avoids top heaviness.

How to put it together:

  • Remove the 3/8″ screw from the bottom of your pole (if necessary)*.
  • Attach 3 stackable weights to the table top tripod.
  • Connect the pole to the weights.
  • Attach the Elmo360 to the top of the pole.
  • Next adjust the length of the pole to the desired height.


About the height of the camera:

The height of the camera in a scene affects the feeling of immersion a viewer experiences. The height determines the horizon line in the final video. If the camera is too low the viewer might feel diminutive. If the camera is too high the point of view is above normal line of sight and the viewer feels like a giant. Sometimes this might be the intended effect. Most of the time this interferes with the immersive experience.
Put the camera about chest or shoulder high to capture fully immersive 360°video.

*Most poles come with 3/8″ female connector and have a 3/8″ screw attached to it. The poles at Freedom360 have a 3/8″ female connector on the top and the bottom.

**Included with the Elmo360

Camera Operation

Before you start shooting 360° video, make sure that all cameras have the same settings.

  • Press the Power button on the top of each camera for about 1 sec. The Power LED on the front of the camera will turn on blue.
  • Rotate the pole to get to the next camera and turn all cameras on.
  • Remove the lens covers.
  • Now is your chance to test framing:
    • Turn on Wifi and connect one camera to your mobile device.
    • Open the QBiC App and choose “Live”. The app shows a live view.
    • Make sure important persons, buildings or objects are center in one of the cameras.
    • Make sure the white balance is good for the scene. If not change on all 4 cameras.
  • Press the Record button on the side of each camera. The red Recording LED will light up.
  • Turn the Elmo360 around its vertical axis (for motion synchronization).
  • Clap your hands above the system (audio synchronization).
  • Record scene.
  • Press the Record button on each camera again to stop recording. The Recording LED turns off.
  • Press the Power button on each camera to turn off. The Power indicator LED turns off.
Elmo360 Mount with 4 Elmo QBiC MS-1 cameras
Elmo360 Mount with 4 Elmo QBiC MS-1 cameras


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