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360 video stitching software and workflow overview

After shooting your scene with the Freedom360 system, you have multiple video files which need to be combined — stitched and blended — to get a final fully spherical video.

Start by copying the files from the cameras or SD cards to your computer, and sort them into folders for each take/scene. Rename each file in each folder to something like projectX-cam1.mp4, projectX-cam2.mp4, etc. (based on which camera slot they came from). The idea is to have a folder that contains all files for each scene or take.

For the stitching process itself, there are two great solutions provided by the software companies Kolor and VideoStitch. Kolor’s product is Autopano Video/Pro which requires the use of Autopano Pro/Giga (image stitching software). VideoStitch comes as Pro and Extended version and requires PTGui Pro as a calibration tool.

You can purchase licenses for both software packages through our web store. Below are the general links for downloading the software, as well as tutorials and additional support for each application.




You can download demo versions of Autopano Video (Pro) (AV/AVP) and Autopano Pro/Giga (APP/APG). The demo versions transform into complete versions by entering a license key. You can buy a license key in the software section of our Freedom360 store.

Save and buy the software together with the Freedom360 mount or AV/AVP together with APP/APG.

Learn more about the workflow and how to use AV/AVP and APP/APG with our

For additional support visit Kolor’s documentation pages: Autopano Video (Pro) tutorial, Autopano Pro tutorial and Autopano Giga tutorial



You can download and test VideoStitch for free. The output videos will have watermarks if they exceed 1000×500 pixel. Purchase and enter your license key to remove the watermark restrictions. You can buy a license key in the software section of our Freedom360 store.

Save and buy the software together with the Freedom360 mount.

PTGui is necessary for camera calibrations. Buy it together with VideoStitch!

Learn how to use VideoStitch with our tutorial. It also shows how to create a template with PTGui.

For additional support and to learn more about computer hardware considerations visit video-stitch.com.

To help you get started we provide free Samples and Templates.


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      Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We will resolve the broken link soon, in the meantime please visit: http://www.kolor.com/download/ for all your download needs.


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