Here is an example from the art/entertainment world brought to us by Tomonori Taniguchi from T-Photoworks: a dance performed by Yasu-Chin, an entertainer, performer and dance instructor from Tokyo, Japan.
In order to provide the dancer with total freedom to use the space and move around the room as he wishes the Freedom360 was mounted on a pole hanging straight down from the ceiling. Can you follow Yasu-Chin’s fast movement? Try a different projection when watching the movie by clicking the right mouse button on the video. One projection that is pretty neat in this context is the ‘Little Planet’ projection.

[pano file=”” width=”600″ height=”300″ preview=”” panobox=”on”] PRONEWS

Here  (Google translated) and here (original japanese) is an article  about the evolution of 360 video and Tomonori Taniguchi’s 360 video shoot published by the web magazine PRONEWS.